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Sonic 1&2001

The Sega Genesis’ worst games have their Seals of Quality revoked by our expert staff.

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Shining Force026a

The 50 least intolerable games for the Sega Genesis, written about in loving, hilarious detail.

The 10 Worst Genesis Games That You've Probably Heard Of - Intro/#10 Altered Beast

The Worst of the Worst. Warning: May contain Aerosmith, Shaq, and werewolves.

In addition to those features, we’ve also revoked the seal of quality from many games appearing on various other consoles, including the Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, and Playstation. In between all that, we applied a similar technique to Dr. Wily’s robots from the Megaman series, wrote a couple of plays, took a look at some modern classics and even focused on the fall of 1997, when a whole bunch of interesting games came out in a brief period of time. Additional navigation can be found on the category menu in the right sidebar.