Believe it or not, over 700 games were released in the United States for the Sega Genesis. Perhaps even more unbelievably, only about 500 of them were different versions of sports games. Ok, that last bit may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the important thing to note is that the gatekeepers over at Sega were none too picky about handing out the Sega Seal of Quality to pretty much anything that came across their desks. Sega, like most other console manufacturers, didn’t like to prevent games from being released on their system based on subjective criteria like “Is this game any fun?”, so they tended to stick to more objective concerns like “Does the cartridge actually fit in the system?” or “Will this game cause the Genesis to start on fire?” For the most part, as long as the game didn’t explode and send pieces of molten plastic flying into children’s eyes, it got the Sega Seal of Quality.

Our goal is to create a Top 50 list for a Sega Genesis by using process of elimination.  We started by coming up with a list of every game ever released for the Genesis in the United States, and played every one of them. The worst games will have their Seals of Quality revoked by our expert staff, and we’ll keep at it seals until only 50 games were left.



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