The Staff

Brad – Chief Editor: Brad runs this site and does the majority of the writing for our Sega Genesis project and pretty much everything else you see here. He’s written for a couple of other sites that aren’t around anymore, and has appeared as a guest writer a few times at Overthinking It. He grew up in the frozen post-apocalyptic wasteland of Buffalo, NY (it’s like the old Soviet Union but more depressing), recently escaped to the (relatively) sunnier skies of Seattle, and does freelance work when writing for an unpopular blog about 20 year old video games fails to pay the bills.

Stryker – Contributing Editor: One of the two original Bad Dudes, Stryker now spends his time hanging out at our offices, drinking up all our coffee and playing free cell. He’s also an avid collector and ran his own used game store for a couple of years, during which time he managed to get his hands on about 95% of the Genesis library, and about 75% of the SNES’.

Mr. Do! – Contributing Editor:  If you’ve never played his game, there’s really only 2 things you need to know about Mr. Do! Vs. Unicorns : Mr. Do! has a sledgehammer and he fucking hates unicorns. Not sure how that applies to reviewing games, but who’s going to say no to that guy when he asks to write for you? Anyway, if you read something here that is short, unbelievably harsh, and probably filled with a lot of swear words, you’re probably reading the work of Mr. Do!

Fatsquatch – Technical Guru:  Fatsquatch set up the blog for us, and helps out with the many, many technical issues we manage to create for ourselves.


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