Summer Vacation

After almost 5 years of Genesis discussions, 707 games, and a Top 50 countdown that frequently made us question our sanity, on June 20th we’ll finally have gotten to the last game.

And after that? Who knows.

Just like in high school, BHG is taking a long summer vacation. And also like in high school, most of that time will probably be spent playing 16-bit games and listening to grunge bands. Unlike high school, I’m not sure if or when I’m coming back.

Sorry to leave all of our dedicated fans with that kind of uncertainty, but after all this time we need a rest. Quite frankly, we’re out of jokes. Plus we’ll need to play some more games, or else there’s not going to be much to talk about. I suppose a website where we talk about games we’ve been meaning to play but haven’t gotten a chance to yet, where we are never funny would be kind of unique and avant-garde, but it probably would be much fun to read.

Also, I want to take a quick moment to recognize two people. When a successful comedian talks about who inspired them to go into comedy, they almost always mention some famous comedy legends. None of them ever say “The kid who sat behind me in 8th grade Biology” or “the third baseman from my little league team.” Well, I am no successful comedian – I write an unpopular blog about Genesis games that about half of our readers (or in mathematical terms, three) don’t even realize is meant to be funny – and my biggest inspirations really are the kid who sat behind me in Biology class, Chris Palistrant, and the third baseman from my little league team, Drew Novak.

Prior to meeting those guys, I wasn’t someone who tried to be funny. But being around both of them, seeing how much fun they seemed to have, how much better they could make the people around them feel, and how they could turn something miserable, like a lecture on Gregor Mendel or a winless baseball season, and make it fun, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Anyway, I haven’t seen either of them in a long time (actually, I haven’t seen Drew since our last baseball game, and doubt he’d remember me), but if they’re out there, Googling themselves or whatever, thanks guys.

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