F1 ROC II: Race Of Champions

Rather than discuss the gameplay in F1 ROC II: Race Of Champions, which honestly isn’t all that interesting, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the utter insanity going on in that title. This is the sequel to F1 ROC, which in itself is a giant mess of abbreviations that stands for Formula One Race of Champions. Apparently they didn’t want to call it that in the first place, because that would have been confusing.

Yeah, it’s not gonna get better from here. Might want to pop an aspirin before we go any further.

They could have just named the sequel F1 ROC 2, but with a “one” already in the title, that sounds kind of strange. Fortunately, another popular method for naming a sequel when you don’t want to use numbers is to add a subtitle. Seta, publisher of the game and apparently the enemy of written language, decided to split the difference and do both. And what do you suppose they decided to use as the subtitle?

Race of Champions. You know, what “ROC” stands for. So this game’s name is actually Formula One Race of Champions 2: Race of Champions.

F1 Roc 2 - Race of Champions (U)000

Now with 50% more champions! Also, a track on the moon, apparently.

Because – and to be fair, this is just a theory here – there was a lot of lead in whatever town Seta’s corporate headquarters was located back then. Again, lead poisoning is just a theory, it could just as easily have been mercury or concentrated pesticide or something. Really, any kind of toxin that impairs brain function is a possibility.

No wonder they never got around to making the game interesting – they spent all their time and effort going around in circles on this title.

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