Brad: The harder it is to differentiate between “playing the game the way it was meant to be played” and “exploiting glitches in the game’s physics”, the more likely it is that the game needs to be fine-tuned, overhauled, or maybe just set on fire. Look, there’s “ahead of its time” in the sense that something might be innovative, and cutting edge, and then there’s “ahead of its time” in the “we probably shouldn’t be trying to pull this off on a Genesis” kind of way.

Chin-ups:  You’re doing it wrong.


Stryker: Hey Puggsy, I know you need to get on top your house, but this plan you have of stacking a couple of seashells on top of each other next to the building and then jumping up while trying to “catch” the edge of the roof with the barrel of a gun you’re holding over your head and then pulling yourself up seems like kind of a bad idea for many, many reasons.

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