FIFA Soccer Series

Note:  Of all the games in the series of EA’s FIFA Soccer titles, these were the Editor’s favorites:

Brad: FIFA ’95 (Genesis)

Stryker: FIFA ’96 (Genesis)

Stryker: Soccer isn’t a very popular sport here in America, but having played for my high school team, I do have an appreciation for the game.  Unlike football, or baseball, or basketball, a soccer game is typically a low-scoring affair.  It’s defensive in nature, highly strategic, and methodical.  For the athletes, it’s largely a contest of endurance, as there are few substitutions or stoppages of play, and conserving precious energy is a key part of play.  This is a game that requires patience and precision… oh hey, feel free to stop me if I mention anything that sounds like it would make for a fun video game…

We realize that EA probably saves money by reusing some sprites from their other games, but Jesus Christ, it looks like the dudes from NHL’95 got confused and started playing the wrong sport.

Brad: One thing I will say in favor of the FIFA series is that starting with FIFA ’95, the game added a “shove button” (technically, 2 buttons pressed at once), that allows you to blatantly push your opponent down to the ground.  Turn the fouls off and you can finally experience soccer the way we used to play it in the Hamburg summer rec leagues.

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