PGA Tour Series

Side note, of all the games in the PGA Tour series, these were the editors’ favorites:

Brad: PGA European Tour (Genesis)

Stryker: PGA Tour 3 (Genesis)

Brad: The gameplay in the PGA Tour games is exactly the same as kicking field goals in Madden, so if you were to shoot an incredible, record-shattering 55 on one of these courses, it would be the equivalent of playing a football game and kicking fifty-five field goals without running any other plays.  Funny how the greatest game of golf ever played would end up being so much like the worst football game in history.

This picture is from the PGA European Tour, so it’s probably safe to guess that the guy is a aristocrat who lives in a fancy castle.

Stryker: The PGA series has the same problem that has plagues most golf games – it sends you out on the course with the world’s greatest caddy.  On every shot, the game points you at the flag and picks the perfect club for you. It also tells you all kinds of specific, useful information, such as the exact wind speed and direction, as well as the exact distance to the hole, and your maximum power with each club.  All that’s left to do is make a few slight adjustments, and then swing away.
Oh sure, hitting the ball is tricky at first, as it can be pretty unforgiving, and anything less than perfect timing on the swing meter will send your shot veering far away from it’s intended target.  Problem is, it doesn’t take long to get the timing down, and once you do, there really isn’t anything else to provide challenge.  You’ll go from shanking tee shots and sinking quadruple bogeys to Tiger Woods-like dominance to complete boredom all within about 30 minutes.

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