Brad: Lemmings has such a simple, straightforward premise – save the hapless creatures from their self-destructive tendencies – that nobody ever stops and questions it.  Still, it might be worth asking – why should I save those lemmings?  They may look cute in the game, but real lemmings are rodents whose occasionally tragic mass migrations are borne out of overpopulation.  Keep ‘em alive, and they’ll probably thank you by chewing holes in the drywall in your house.  Call me heartless, but I just couldn’t get too wrapped up in a game about leading a bunch of surplus Norwegian rats to safety just for the sake of it. If instead of an exit there had been some hungry cats at the end of each level, maybe then I would have felt differently.

Self-exterminating vermin seems more like a solution than a problem.

Stryker: The transition from computer to console is always a tricky one, and as desperately as the Genesis needed a few more puzzle games, Lemmings probably should have stayed on the PC where it originated.  This version of the game has a somewhat clunky interface, imprecise control, and it can get pretty hard to really see what’s going on.  Not exactly the ideal setup for a game that emphasizes strategic use of limited resources and intricate planning, especially when you’re working against a time limit.  Things start off easy enough, but about halfway through the game, it really starts punishing you for making mistakes, so I can’t help but feel somewhat vindicated by doing the same thing to it right now.

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