Mutant League Hockey

Brad: Ever since Electronic Arts killed the Mutant League brand, people have been asking “When is EA going to revive the series?”  Well, why wait for them, when it would be so easy to do on your own?  Here’s the recipe:  Take a game that’s already fun (in this case NHL ’94), add lots of blood, and make the control less responsive.  Then add a bunch of barely functional, unbalanced crap to it in an attempt to make it seem new and improved,  while taking out 90% of the stuff that was fun.  Finally, market it to a bunch of people who aren’t normally fans of the sport…

You know, I’d probably take this approach a lot less personally if it didn’t end up being the formula EA used to ruin all their franchises for the next ten years.

The blue team forfeits on account of not wanting to play this mess anymore.

Stryker: A lot of people like to praise this game for it’s original concept, but let’s get real here.  A hockey game where all the teams are made up of (and coached by) monsters, and scoring is a much lower priority than simply trying to kill the other team’s players?  Where the lack of any rule enforcement renders the few skilled players completely ineffective, if not a liability to their team? The NHL already has something like that– they call it the Atlantic Division.

Mr. Do!: If people were really that interested in watching goddamn terrible hockey, you could just watch one of the Rangers/Flyers/Penguins games  NBC seems to have every single weekend.

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