Trampoline Terror

Editor’s Note: Earlier in the project, we rounded up 5 really weird games and decided that the best one would get a spot on the Top 100.  Now that we’re only doing a Top 50, all bets are off.

Brad: Can we just go ahead and say that a game about a gymnast walking around on spaceships made of trampolines in order to step on their self-destruct buttons probably isn’t the best Genesis game ever made?  Do we really need to go into much further analysis than that?  Discussing this game feels like writing a preseason forecast for the Pittsburgh Pirates – you know they don’t have a chance in hell of winning anything, so lets just cross them off right away and move on to the real contenders.

Stryker: Who puts all the self-destruct buttons on the outside of the ship?  That seems like it’s just asking for trouble.

Brad: Honestly, I think building a spaceship with ANY self-destruct button is just asking for trouble.  I can’t think of a single good reason for having one in the first place.

Stryker: That’s true.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “Boy, it’s a good thing we had that self-destruct button.”

Trampoline Terror000

Not too many other games can claim to have… this.

Brad: No, it’s usually more like “Holy crap!  I almost accidentally pushed the self-destruct button.  Who’s bright idea was it to put it in the middle of the control panel?  Maybe we should put some tape over it or something.”

Stryker: “Man, somebody should really put those things on the OUTSIDE of the ship where nobody will push them by mistake.”

Brad: Honestly, if you did find yourself in situations where people were in need of a self-destruct button, you’d probably want to re-examine your lifestyle.  I think it’s safe to say you’re doing something wrong.

Stryker: For example, piloting a spaceship made out of trampolines.

Brad: Especially if the planet you’re attacking has a world-class gymnast to protect them.  His name is even Trampoline Terror – that’s how afraid of him trampolines are.

Stryker: Which is  some terrible planning right there.  If they had done a bit more research, they might have found out about him ahead of time and attacked with a different kind of ship.  Maybe one made out of waffles or something.

Brad: A waffle ship?  That wouldn’t have made any sense at all.

Stryker: What the hell were we thinking when were going put this game in the Top 100?  Were we just in a really good mood that day?

Brad: Well, it’s certainly original.  And when 90% of the games on a system star either John Madden or Sonic, that counts for something.

Stryker: Even so, I think this was the biggest reason why we changed our mind and decided to make a Top 50 list instead.

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