Cyborg Justice

Cyborg Justice is a fairly typical side-scrolling beat-em-up with one interesting gimmick – the game allows you to rip the limbs off of your enemies and use them to replace your own. I suppose at this point its worth mentioning that, as the title suggests, all the characters in the game are robots – this isn’t some kind of ultra-gory Frankenstein simulator.  Still, it’s a novel concept, or at least it would be have been, if the overly complicated control scheme didn’t make that maneuver exceedingly difficult to pull off (no pun intended).  Instead, you’ll spend more of your time fighting your controller than you will robots.  While never a good thing, this is particularly problematic for a game like this because, as we all know, any game that fails to maximize the amount of time you spend fighting robots is inherently flawed.  Just look at Mass Effect – one of the best games to come out in the past few years, and all you do is fly around the galaxy kicking metallic ass.

There’s one other problem with this feature – at the beginning of the game, you get to build your own robot, and virtually all of the possible arm/torso/leg combinations are available right from the get-go.  So it’s hard to imagine any point where you would want to switch them with a stolen appendage for any reason other than to add variety.  Which I guess is kind of appropriate, because it’s also kind of hard to imagine why anyone would play this over Streets of Rage or Golden Axe, except maybe for a change of pace.  You know, if you got sick of playing good games for some reason and decided to shake things up by playing a mediocre one instead.

Cyborg Justice000

Great.  Thanks, Cyborg Justice, but if I had wanted a laser arm, I would have picked one on the character select screen.

With the whole limb-swapping thing being both difficult to accomplish and not all that useful, it doesn’t take long before you stop bothering with it altogether.  At which point you’re left with a pretty underwhelming game in an already overcrowded genre.  Decent, but not quite worthy of a Seal of Quality.

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