Comix Zone

Brad: This game is kind of like the old professional wrestler Brutus the Barber Beefcake – once you got past the cool gimmick, you’d notice pretty quickly that he was a really, really below average performer.  Comix Zone has a pretty interesting concept in that its being played out on the pages of a comic book, complete with word bubbles and the hero moving from panel to panel.  But once you get used to that (which only takes about 5 minutes) there isn’t much to get excited about – it the same ol’ beat-em-up gameplay we’ve seen in dozens of other games, except not as well executed here as most of the others.

Oh, and one other thing – you know what might have been a cool idea for a game like this?  Put some comic book heroes in it.  Jesus, how many times have Spiderman or the X-Men starred in Genesis games, and nobody thought to give them a call for this one?

Comix Zone002

What’s this?  A game where the protagonist is a comic book artist with a long blond ponytail and lots of attitude?  Goddammit, I fucking hate the 90s.

Stryker: A side-scrolling brawler with the depth of a 2D fighting game probably sounds like a good idea on paper (or at least it might to game nerds – to a normal person that description probably sounds like it was written in secret code).  In practice however, it ends up kind of playing like a really limited version of Street Fighter where you can only do a few moves and have to fight the same guy over and over.  It’s more accurate to describe Comix Zone as Streets of Rage except you fight most of the guys one at a time and they block a lot.

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