True Lies

Brad: Hey, I know this is supposed to be a secret mission and I should keep a low profile, but I’m just going to walk around this fancy party with my gun drawn.  None of the waiters seem to mind.  Actually, security doesn’t even seem to notice as long as I don’t shoot anyone – what is this, Texas?

True Lies000Go on in, Mr. Guy With the .45 Magnum

Stryker: Hey, can I get one of those guns with the magic non-civilian hurting bullets that the enemies all seem to have?  It would come in really handy on some of these levels.  I imagine it’s just another way for the bad guys to make us look bad, though.  “What the hell’s wrong with you, Harry? You killed three innocent people in the mall yesterday!  Three!  And don’t tell me it’s because the place was crowded – the bad guys didn’t kill any civilians and they’re terrorists!”

Mr. Do!: Sadly, this game doesn’t let you re-enact the only part from the movie I’d ever really want to do in real life anyway – kneeing Tom Arnold in the balls.

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