Brad: Humans is kind of unique in that it’s a squad-based puzzle game.  You have a team of 4 little cavemen that you have to guide through each stage, using their abilities to overcome obstacles placed within each level.  It sounds fun, and there was a lot of potential.  But, with the aid of this screenshot, I will attempt to explain where it all went horribly, horribly wrong:


What you’re seeing in this picture is two cavemen who have used their spears to pole vault over the gap, throwing the spears back to the other two so they can do it, too.  Usually if a puzzle game like this gives you a team of 4 guys, they want you to use all four together to do one thing as a team, not just repeat the same thing individually four times.

But what makes it all the worse is that this is only one of several gaps in the stage.  So not only do you have to do this 4 times to get past this gap, but then you’ll have to do it another four times at the next one, and four more times after that.

Oh, but it gets even better!  Later stages will introduce new obstacles, but all the ones you’ve solved on previous levels keep showing up, too.  So the “pole vault over the pit 4 times” trap keeps showing up over and over.  You’ll be doing it on level 2, you’ll be doing it on level 50, and you’ll be doing it on almost every level in between.  Sound like fun?

Stryker: I kept playing through Humans expecting that at some point, it would stop feeling like a tutorial, give me some interesting puzzles, and not keep making me repeat the same process four times for each minor obstacle.  And while it did get a teensy bit better as the game progressed (and there are some pretty challenging puzzles later on), it remained far too repetitive for my tastes.  And repeating the same basic hazards on level after level would be inexcusable for any puzzle game, let alone one that already requires you to solve said puzzles 4 times in the first place.