Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World

Brad: Perhaps learning a lesson from the first Jurassic Park game on the Genesis, this sequel sidesteps any consistency issues by using the time-honored tactic of setting the game within the world of the film, but kind of off to the side. Instead of one of the movie’s main protagonists, you instead play as one of the hunters sent to capture dinosaurs.  Developers love this trick, because they think it gives them free reign to put whatever they want in the game. If someone questions it they can say “Oh, that happened, it just wasn’t shown in the movie.”  The fact that some things still couldn’t have happened, on screen or not, if for no other reason than they would defy everything we know about reality as we know it is a minor concern.  I guess that explains why I ended up spending so much time driving a jeep through minefields while murdering countless other dinosaur hunters.  Maybe they could have thrown in a Harrier Jet or a couple of Death Stars while they were at it.

JP 2 Lost World000

Bike race?  Oh boy!

Stryker: Unlike the previous JP games, Lost World isn’t painfully bad.  Of course, it’s also not that great either, and at this point of the competition you really got to have a little more going for you than simply being better than two of the system’s worst games.  Maybe like a free poster or something.

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