Stryker: Ok, so imagine this – you call the Ghostbusters and beg them to come help you.  One of them comes over, listens to your desperate pleas for help, indifferently says that he “got just about got all you said.”  He then starts casually chucking bombs all around your house, breaks into your safe, and steals your money.  The only break from this rampage is when he stops to eat an entire rotisserie chicken that he inexplicably brought with him.  I don’t remember the Ghostbusters being so malicious in the movies.

Brad: I think I might be a little more sympathetic to the customers the Ghostbusters are pillaging if their lives weren’t already such a mess.  Of the first two customers in the game, one seems to be wearing a straitjacket and apparently lives in the sewer.  The other has such a crazy mullet that you can’t even tell what gender they are, and lives in a home that is best described as being in a state of ultra madness.  I seriously doubt that ghosts put stepladders in the middle of the living room, a dining room on the second floor, installed indoor spike pits, or built your staircases with steps that a taller than a person.  Look, you don’t need the Ghostbusters, you just need an interior designer who isn’t addicted to crack.


“Where do those comically oversized stairs go?”

“They go up.”

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