Brad: Am I the only one who found it just a little crazy that they made a game about a character who’s only motivations in the cartoons seemed to be “break stuff” and “eat things”, and then started the game off with an elaborate backstory?

Stryker: You forgot his other big motivation – to get with Bugs Bunny whenever Bugs is dressed up in drag.

Brad: Fair enough, but the point is that we like Taz for what he is – a force of nature.  The last thing we wanted was for him to have some kind of rationale for his actions.


Stryker:I was just kind of disappointed that in the cartoon, the “Taz Tornado” destroyed everything in its path, whereas in the game it seemed like the only thing it was good for was losing control of your character and having him get killed.

Brad: Definitely.  On one hand, you gotta give the game credit for staying true to Taz’s wild and out of control nature.  On the other hand, games are generally more fun when your character actually does what you tell him to.

Stryker: Not being able to control him at times really added an extra layer of frustration to the game.  It’s already bad enough when the level designers put some kind of damaging object at the bottom of a hole you’re supposed to fall down, but when that object is a bomb, and all you can do is sit there helplessly and watch for 5 seconds while Taz picks it up and eats it while you yell at him not to, that really sucks.  And it sucks even more the 50th time it happens.

Brad: Speaking of which, there sure are a lot of bombs just randomly scattered around Tasmania.

Stryker:And tank factories.  I’d like to say I didn’t expect there to be a factory level in a game about the Tasmanian Devil, but somehow I wasn’t all that surprised when I found one.

Brad: Well, It is a 16-bit side-scroller after all. You have to find a way to get those conveyor belts in there at some point.

Stryker: Even so, the decision to make it a factory that built robot tanks was pretty inspired.


Brad: The factory was completely automated, too.  It was like Taz had walked into a scene from The Terminator for a second.

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