Fatal Rewind

fatal-rewind0011You know what, Fatal Rewind? Fuck you.

Brad: This game’s unique feature is that after you lose a life, it shows an instant replay of that entire life, with you being able to take over at any point and try again. At first, that probably sounds kind of neat, but it’s really just an elaborate way of saying “We know our game’s not any good, so we won’t make you replay any more of it that necessary.” A better idea would have been to make the game more fun, or, as that’s apparently not possible in this case, just make it a little bit easier. Giving us a character that wasn’t the same shade of blue as the stage walls would have been a good first step.


Stryker: Seriously. The only thing less fun than getting stuck and playing through the same annoying level over and over is sitting back and watching a replay of myself playing the same annoying level over and over.

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