The Addams Family

Brad: Here’s some free game design advice: If you’re going to make a game that rips off Mario as obviously as this game does, maybe try to avoid calling attention to it by doing anything as blatant as stealing Mario’s death animation. That’s like a band plagiarizing all of U2’s songs, trying to pass them off as originals, and then naming their singer Bono.

Stryker: Or acting like douchebags every time they make a public appearance.

Addams Family002

What’s wrong, Gomez?  Walk into a Koopa Troopa?

Brad: Also, I know the point of the Addams Family was that they were all supposed to be a bunch of creepy weirdos (I’m assuming that’s the English translation of “a little ooky”), but seriously, if someone kidnaps your family, and decides the best place to hide them is inside your own house, it’s time to remodel. You shouldn’t almost die walking from the kitchen to the living room.

Stryker: I think it’s more likely that the kids didn’t get kidnapped at all. Think about it – they’re teenagers, and they have this super-embarrassing dad who likes to play with model trains, do “The Freddy”, and generally acts like a lunatic whenever they have friends come over. They’re probably just hiding from him. I did the same thing to my parents when I was 16, except it didn’t work as well since we didn’t live in a mansion full of deathtraps.

Brad: I’m going to go out on a limb and say you probably didn’t hide in your room and play Addams Family for the Genesis.

Stryker:Oh hell no.I’d go to a frat party with my mom before I’d play this damn game again.

Brad: Yeah. I thought the Metroid-like layout was kind of cool, but that wasn’t nearly enough to overcome the fact that its basically just a less-interesting version of Mario.

Stryker: And even on the heels of a moderately successful film, this isn’t exactly the movie license anyone was dying to see a game made out of. I mean, seriously, The Addams Family? Who cares?

Brad: I think my favorite thing about the original Addams Family TV series was on the air during the same years as The Munsters, but The Munsters got higher ratings because people found their working-class family to be more relatable than the aristocratic Addams. Keep in mind that the Munsters were 2 Frankensteins, a Wolf-Boy, and a Vampire. You have to be really trying to make a show about a family that people have a harder time relating to than that.

Addams Family001

Funny how in a house full of crazies and traps, those damn portraits are the creepiest thing in the game.

Stryker: No kidding. Say what you want about the Addams Family, at least they were human.

Brad: I can only imagine what people must have been saying: “Well sure, the grandpa on The Munsters kills people in their sleep and drinks their blood, but those rich Addams Family snobs have a butler. Fuck them, I’m not watching this!”

Stryker:The Munsters have to worry about holding down a job, paying the bills, and putting brains on the dinner table every night.Those are the same challenges I face every day!

Brad:Yes.Give me Herman Munster, that shambling corpse sewn together from the remains of relatable everymen.