Berenstain Bears: Camping Adventure

Brad: Anytime you make a game about a family of bears going on a camping trip for vacation, you’re already starting off on a pretty shaky premise from a logical standpoint, and things only get worse from there. I really had to question the parenting skills of anyone who decides to send their kids off exploring on their own when the campground is located in between a haunted forest and an abadoned diamond mine. And in between being attacked by alligators and pecked to death by angry woodpeckers, I also began to wonder whether the Mama bear really had her cubs’ best interests in mind. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t have expected too much from the woman sitting around in her pajamas in the middle of the afternoon.

Berenstain Bears000

Stryker: What’s to say? Another mediocre at best plaformer based on a license from the very fringe of marketability. I don’t know who thought the Berenstain Bears would be enough of a selling point that they didn’t have to put much effort into making a fun game, but that person is probably dangerous.

Mr. Do!: Bears are famous for doing one thing in the woods, and it sure ain’t camping. Then again, I guess Berenstain Bears: Pooping Adventure would be kind of a weird idea for a game.

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