Sorcerer's Kingdom

Brad: Oh, goody! Another RPG from what appears to be that genre’s stone age, complete with thin story that barely disguises what a grind-fest it is, inane menu-driven combat, and almost no distinguishing characteristics at all. I really like the linearity of knowing that I’ll almost certainly get killed if I dare venture to any area other than the ones directly related to the quest I’m on, and the fact that every area has only one or two kinds or enemies. But the best part is having to mindlessly level up for about an hour every time I enter a new area. Why yes, I would like to fight my 100th kobold! What fun! Oh, and the glitch that makes all your other party members completely useless is just the cherry on top of this shit sundae.

Sorcerers Kingdom000

Sweet.  Now I can finally buy that tiara I’ve had my eye on.

Stryker: SK’s biggest problem is pacing – you’re constantly at a disadvantage compared to the enemies you’re supposed to be facing, and it’s so damn hard to stay alive that you’ll probably be limited to fighting 3 or 4 random encounters before going back to rest. Repeat this process enough times and eventually you’ll get enough experience and gold to become powerful enough to survive in an area. But then you’ll move on to the next part where the monsters are tougher, and you’re right back where you started. Maybe nobody told the development team, but RPG combat is kinda boring. Sorceror’s Kingdom’s slight innovations only make it marginally less so. No Seal of Quality for you.

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