Crystal's Pony Tale

Crystal’s Pony Tale is a game about a pony who is trying to rescue all her pony friends in time for her birthday party.  Words really can’t quantify just how incredibly girly this game is, so I decided to show you a bunch of picture just to get the point across.  And on the off-chance that you’re wondering, no, this game isn’t much fun.

Crystals Pony Tale000

This is the opening screen to Crystal’s Pony Tale.  It’s really just one shirtless Fabio away from being the cover of a trashy novel.

Crystals Pony Tale007

Crystal has to get rid of all her horseshoes before going through the metal detector.

Crystals Pony Tale006

Knowing that this could be a dangerous mission, I colored Crystal for maximum terror.

Crystals Pony Tale005

The game forces you to sit through this insipid  puppet show in order to complete the stage.  Because it hates you.

Crystals Pony Tale003

I love you too, crazy psychedelic horse!

Crystals Pony Tale002

That jack-o-lantern will totally eat your soul.

Crystals Pony Tale001

Boat ownership seems like an odd desire for a bird, but hey, everyone’s gotta have a dream.

Crystals Pony Tale010

Just when you think this game can’t get any cuter, it hits you with wind chimes and tiny little squirrels.

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