Brad: Wolfchild is a pretty bad action game where your character can power up and turn into a werewolf. If that idea sounds familiar, its because Sega already made a game like that, and called it Altered Beast. And then they gave it away for free with the Genesis. In other words, everyone who bought a Genesis during the first few years that it was out already had a free copy of a game that was pretty similar to this one. And since Altered Beast was pretty bad, most people probably had already developed a distaste for it as well.

It’s kind of hard to compete against free and 100% market saturation. I’m assuming that’s the main reason why they made the main character look like this when he’s not a werewolf:


In it’s own weird way, it really is kind of brilliant. Now, instead of thinking of Wolfchild as “that other game where you turn into a werewolf,” people will think of it as “that game where you play as the singer for Whitesnake.” On one hand, it makes the game seem like less of a rip-off. The downside of course is that really just taking a bad idea and replacing it with an even worse one.

Mr. Do!: You know what the main difference between a werewolf and a 1980s heavy metal singer is? No matter how bad the rest of his life is, the werewolf still has at least one day a month where he’s not a complete fucking loser.

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