Desert Demolition

Desert Demolition is based on those old Roadrunner and Coyote Loony Tunes. It has most of the problems commonly found with licensed games – poor level layouts, cheap difficulty, and relatively generic design. But to its credit, unlike most licensed games, it actually stays pretty faithful to the source material. You play as the Coyote and chase the Roadrunner around, or vice versa.  As the Coyote, you also attempt to unleash ACME inventions on your adversary, most of which backfire, and end up falling off cliffs, getting blown up, and running into cacti. So it does manage to replicate the cartoon pretty well.

Desert Demolition000

Now what?

On the other hand, it seems kind of irresponsible to market a game to little kids in which they play as a character who is constantly coming up with exciting new ways to hurt himself. Especially when the game in question is so bad that it’s likely make anyone playing it want to try them out.

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