Eliminations in Brief for 3/25/09

It’s good to be back!  Well, at least it was until I started playing these ten mistakes

Test Drive 2: The Duel – Nothing can convey the feeling of speed and power you get from driving a exotic sports car quite like hearing the roar of your engine. Unless, of course, that roar sounds more like the mighty buzz of 10,000 dying bees.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Perhaps the best way to capture the intellectual feel of the show in the game isn’t to have the first few levels play like Prince of Persia.

Tecmo World Cup ’92 – Coming soon from Tecmo, Olympic Summer Games ’94!

General Chaos – Hello General, may we introduce you to Major Disappointment, Private Shame, and Colonel Not-Nearly-As-Much-Fun-As-I-Remembered?

Zool – There is no good stuff, only Zool!

Raiden Trad If I were to ask someone what the one thing about their game that made it different from the 1,000 other shooters available on the Genesis was, their answer had better not be “cows”.

Task Force Harrier EX – Come to think of it, the answer probably shouldn’t be “anime cutscenes and terrible sound clips,” either.

AAAHH!!! Real Monsters – Really? Nickelodeon licensed this, and yet my dreams of a Hey, Dude! game go unfulfilled?

Flink – Making a Mario-style game with a 10 year old boy as a protagonist doesn’t do anything to revolutionize the genre, but does do quite a bit toward making me feel vaguely creepy.

Sagaia – A rather convincing argument for why the shooter genre is all but dead these days.

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