Todd's Adventures in Slime World

As someone who grew up on Jumpman and the Apshai games, this one hurts. It’s not just the disappointment of seeing Epyx, one of my favorite game companies, put out a bad game – if that were the case, I’d have been more upset over California Games, which they were also responsible for. The thing that makes Slime World painful is that it’s so hopelessly outdated – just playing it makes you agonizingly aware that the company was inescapably stuck in the 80s and headed down the road to extinction. Slime World’s concept is painfully simplistic, the graphics aren’t bad so much as they are just bland, and the controls are clunky. Not only that, but playing Slime World serves as a painful reality check that all those old Atari, Amiga and Commodore 64 games that we like to get nostalgic for probably weren’t all that great in the first place.

Todds Slime World000

It’s like an Atari XE game from 1986 that fell into a time warp and instead ended up on the Genesis six years later.

Thanks, Epyx, but the next time I’m feeling nostalgic for the mid-80s, I’ll just watch Red Dawn again.

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