Vectorman 1 & 2

Brad: The Vectorman games are considered by many Sega fans to be two of the system’s finest games, and to be perfectly honest, I have no idea why. Much like Earthworm Jim, these are tedious, below-average action games that everyone else in the world besides us seems to think are the greatest thing ever. But at least with Earthworm Jim we could understand, if not share in, the appeal. If you were one of the cornballs who appreciated the game’s attempts at humor – we sure didn’t, but if you did – you might be able to overlook the overall incompetence that went into making it. Not so with Vectorman. What is it that makes people like this game so much? A bunch of “unique”, novelty level concepts that don’t really work? “Cutting edge” graphics that make the entire game look like a mess of indistinguishable garbage?


Here’s a little experiment to try – play Sunset Riders or Shinobi 3. Both come from the same genre as Vectorman, and neither game is considered to be anything too special (and certainly, they haven’t been put on pedestals the way these games have). Notice something? Like that it’s generally easy to see what’s going on, that you (usually) aren’t being shot at by enemies that aren’t on the screen yet, and that there’s a general “flow” to the action, so that you’re not stopping every few seconds? Do you know what that is? That is adequate game design. Not even great, just the basic level of what should be considered acceptable in a game. And do you know what Vectorman is? Vectorman is the argument against the continuing existence of humankind.

Stryker: I hadn’t played either Vectorman game before starting this project, so when I finally did, I kept thinking “There got to be more to it than this.” I even consulted the FAQs thinking that I had overlooked some huge aspect of the series that made them seem original or fun. Turns out there are none. This is basically just Greendog dressed up with some better graphics and a different setting.

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