Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

In the very first level of this game, you have to climb down some ropes into a tomb. Each rope ends with a drop to someplace you can’t see on the screen. The first two allow you to land safely, granting the player a sense that, in this game – or at the very least this level – blind drops are safe. People who make games call this “setting precedent”, the basic idea of which is to establish early on in the game which actions result in negative or postive consequences for the player, thus allowing them to learn the basic concepts of the game quickly. Following this logic, The third blind drop results in instantaneous death. In the game design world, this is known as “smacking a fool just for livin’” and is basically the game company’s way of saying “Thanks for the $50, dumbass.”

Indy Jones Last Crusade001

The fool in this scenario is, of course, you, as evidenced by the fact that you’re playing a fucking Indiana Jones game in the first place.
LucasIronically, some of the game’s bad guys look a lot like Indiana Jones creator George Lucas. So not only can he be indirectly responsible for a game which will cause you so much anguish, but now he can actually hurt you within that game, too. Nice.

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