Eliminations in Brief 2/25/09

Another Wednesday, another group of 10 more or less nondescript, not really bad but not really great, either, games to get rid of.Enjoy!

World Class Leaderboard – If I really wanted to golf on a completely flat course, I’d just drill a hole in the living room floor.

Insector X – Finally!Here’s that bug-themed horizontal shooter I’ve been waiting for!

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – Much like its central character, this game is a horrifying monster built from parts stolen from the corpses of other atrocious games.

DinoLand – About as challenging as fishing in someone’s aquarium, and yet somehow way less fun.

The Ooze – Hey Sega, taking a crappy overhead shooter and having us play as a puddle of slime doesn’t magically make it not crappy.It just makes our character a bigger target.

Ranger X – Stryker (to Brad): “Hey, hurry up and hate this damn game so we can get it off our list already.”

Warrior of Rome – I came, I saw, I said “How the hell are you supposed to play this damn game?”

Steel Talons – Hey, if we’re going to fight a war against a country with the landscape of Switzerland, maybe the best weapon to use isn’t a helicopter who’s only weakness appears to be a tendency to crash into the sides of mountains.

Stargate – Let’s give some credit where its due – the soundtrack to the game is much better than the one in the film its based on.Then again, is doing anything better than the film Stargate really that much of an accomplishment?

Hook – Funny that the game’s title makes reference to the thing this unremarkable action game most desperately needs.