Earthworm Jim 2

Brad:Well, here’s the good news for Earthworm Jim fans:EWJ2 is a little more balanced in difficulty than its predecessor, the levels are better designed, and the gameplay a bit more varied.And here’s the bad news:it’s still badly overrated, it’s still confrontationally unfunny, and it’s still not getting a Seal of Approval.

Stryker:What do I have to do to get this kind of credibility?Despite their flaws, people still talk about the Earthworm Jim games like these are the greatest achievements of the 16-bit era.And these aren’t some obscure cult classics that a handful of loyal fans say is great and most other people have never tried and just take their word for it – these were mainstream favorites.What was so awesome about these games that people forgave all that was wrong with them?And don’t tell me it was because they were funny, because they couldn’t be any less so – some bad jokes make you groan; EWJ 2’s just make you want to punch someone in the face.

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