Eliminations in Brief 2/18/09

Good news everyone – we’ve almost gotten to the point in this project where we’ve actually played all the games and know which ones we do or do not like!  Yeah, it probably sounds like something we should have done before we even started writing, but trust us… We are semi-professionals after all.

Rolling Thunder 3 – If there were only 100 games made for the Genesis, we’d do a Top 99 list, just for the satisfaction of excluding Rolling Thunder 3.

Splatterhouse 2 – Adding buckets of blood and guts to a craptastic Bad Dudes knock-off doesn’t make this game any less slow, cheap or unoriginal.

Young Indiana Jones –We have to admit that we never even finished the first level of this game.But to be fair, the development team doesn’t appear to have, either.

X-Men – The X-Men’s superpowers include appearing in crappy platforming sequences, expertise in attrition-style gameplay, and the telepathic ability to make people feel like they just wasted good money on a horrendous Genesis game.

X-Men 2: Clone Wars – The lack of any kind of an introduction or start menu means you can jump in and start hating this game right away.

Tecmo Super Baseball – The Pirates have a better chance of winning the World Series next year than this game does of cracking our Top 100.

Warlock – Yet another poorly-designed action game with terrible control based on a movie nobody fucking remembers.Thanks for nothing, Acclaim.

Twin Cobra – A throwback to the good ol’ days when the “gameplay” in shooters consisted of little more than holding down the fire button and scrolling from side to side.

Rambo 3 – Lose the game, and the Soviet Union conquers Afghanistan; beat the game, and the Taliban does.Either way, playing this game will likely land you in some secret CIA prison…

Generations Lost – …where they’ll almost certainly force you to play this game until you confess to something.

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