Brad:Traysia looks and plays like an NES role playing game – and a fairly early one at that – despite coming out in late ’92, right about the middle of the Genesis’ life cycle.Some might call it primitive, but that’s not really accurate.Primitive implies that nothing better has been discovered yet.Cavemen were primitive.Traysia more anachronistic – intentionally living an earlier lifestyle during a more modern time – like the Amish.Except that while Amish people shun electricity and poop outside for religious reasons, Traysia just had a cheap publisher and incompetent programmers.

Look, obviously, we like old-school gaming.But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do old-school, and Traysia is definitely doing it wrong.There are some things that nobody, not even the militants that used to write for Gamefan Magazine, want to see come back.Like going to a store an not being able to tell how good the equipment is, or whether its better than the stuff you already have.Or horrible dialogue that makes it seem like every character is reading the instruction manual to you.Or not being able to unequip your items.Different old-school gamers appreciate different things about old games – simplicity, design, style, etc.But I don’t think too many of us crave the inefficiency or frustration of the NES days.

Stryker:You ever go back and play the original Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior on the NES?They seem virtually unplayable now.Great games for their time, sure, but so much has gotten better since then that you really wouldn’t want to play them anymore.Traysia is exactly the same way, except for the part about being good for its time.

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