Virtua Fighter 2

Brad: The original Virtua Fighter was only released on the 32X, and since I was the only person who bought a 32X, and I didn’t like Virtua Fighter that much, it wasn’t a huge success.  In order to expand the audience for the sequel, Sega decided to release it for the regular ol’ Genesis.  One problem – the Genesis wasn’t powerful enough to handle a 3D game like Virtua Fighter 2.  So they made it as a 2D game instead – problem solved.  Oh wait, new problem – the whole appeal of Virtua Fighter 2 was that it was one of the only 3D fighting games around at the time.  Oops!

I wonder how many brain cells the executives at Sega killed from all the times they must have been slapping themselves on the forehead over that one.

Stryker: The ironic part is, it’s actually a really good looking 2D game – nicely rendered (at first glance, you might actually mistake it for 3D, at least until you see it in motion), great animation, with some good looking backgrounds and parallax effects (again, going for that pseudo-3D look).  In some ways, it actually looks better than its 3D counterpart.  Kind of weird that the console version of a game people only played for the graphics ended up not being popular despite having some of the best visuals on the system.