McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure

Brad:What I found most disturbing about this game, much more than the fact that it’s not very good, is just how much it reminded me of those games that Wisdom Tree used to put out that recreated tales from the Bible.Instead of being a McDonald’s commercial disguised as a game that just happened to not be any good, I can’t help but wonder if it was actually made badly on purpose, as a subliminal way to turn McDonald’s into some kind of new religion…

…then again, that plan could only have worked if anyone had actually played Bible Adventures.

Stryker:Back when they reviewed Mischief Makers for the N64, one of the reviewers for Gamefan wrote that “Treasure has never made a bad game.”At the time, I thought it was the height of irony.Now after playing McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure, it just seems like a blatant lie.

Mr. Do!:I always thought that Ronald McDonald was already pretty creepy in the TV commercials, but the Ronald in this game… Holy shit, that is one child-eatingly terrifying clown.

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