Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

Brad:This is a nice little puzzle game – kind of the Genesis’ take on Dr. Mario – that’s fun for a little while, but nothing substantial.It kind of reminds me of some of the jobs I would get when I was doing temp work – decent in the short term, but nothing you’d want to stick with for very long, and on your last day you’ll probably start a few small, controlled fires in the warehouse that nobody will find out about until you’re long gone… actually, that last part doesn’t really apply to the game.Anyways, DRMBM is a cute puzzle game that’s kinda fun, but not nearly enough to hold our interest for very long.And certainly not Top 100 material.

Stryker:Hey, have you designers ever heard of something called a learning curve?Gradual difficulty?It’s really not that much fun to cruise through the first two stages, and then spend the third getting crushed mercilessly.I could play the game the “right” way for about 5 minutes, and then had to resort to basically just dropping beans wherever I could fit them and just hoping for the best.

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