Cutthroat Island

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – if you’re making a game do not, under any circumstances, make it similar to Battletoads.That’s a pretty simple concept, yet here we are again.Cutthroat Island follows the Battletoads formula a little too well – even opening with a brief beat-em-up level – just long enough to make you think that hey, maybe this game will be fun after all – before throwing you into the nearly-impossible obstacle-dodging level.

What I found most interesting though, was the game over screen that you are treated to when you inevitably fail the second level.The game shows you the two main bad guys, plotting and scheming.And what evil are they up to?They’re going to go to Jamaica!And then they’re going to eat a feast! Oh no, not that!

If story is supposed to provide some kind of motivation for playing a game, then there ought to be an inverse relationship between how good a game is and how bad the consequences for losing are.Anyone remember Rebel Assault, the shitty FMV-based arcade shooter based on Star Wars?When you lost at that game, Darth Vader blew up your home planet.As bad as the game was, that was usually enough motivation to get someone to make at least one final attempt at playing it.What I’m saying is that you can’t really motivate anyone to play all the way through such an excruciating game just so they can stop two guys from taking a tropical vacation and having a nice meal together.

2 thoughts on “Cutthroat Island

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