Eliminations in Brief 1/21/09

Bonus one this week!

Mazin Saga I’m actually disappointed that this isn’t “Mazing Saga”, an epic RPG about mazes. Now try to imagine just how bad a game has to be for me feel that way.

Lawnmower Man – Fans of lawnmowing are better off sticking with Hover Bover.

Global Gladiators – Hey McDonald’s, maybe the best way to sell more hamburgers isn’t to attach your name and logo to a game where everything is covered in boogers:

Galaxy Force 2 – It’s Afterburner, except in space.Which basically makes it a way less fun version of Starfox.

Incredible Hulk – If the Hulk showed the same level of contempt for humanity as the people who made this game did, you’d be reading this from the smoking ruins of a major city right now.

Olympic Gold: Barcelona ’92 – Yet another reason to be thankful that they only have the Olympics every 4 years.

Hit the Ice – Even Phoenix Coyotes fans are used to seeing better hockey than this.

Lemmings 2 We didn’t actually want to eliminate this game yet, but we turned our back for a second and it walked into a trash compactor while we weren’t looking.

IMG International Tour Tennis – Seriously, before Maria Sharapova, what was even the point of watching tennis?

RoboCop 3 – You can kinda tell that at some point the developers just threw their hands up and said “Ah, fuck it.Nobody’s going to play a game about Robocop 3 anyway.”

The Lost Vikings – Not to be confused with Madden, which is a completely different game about Vikings who always lose.

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