Lethal Enforcers 2

You may have noticed by now that we’re not very big on sequels.Our rationale is that if we’re only going to give out 100 Seals of Approval, it gets pretty hard to justify giving more than one of them to any particular series unless multiple games from that series are really amazing- after all, if you have Golden Axe 2, and it’s a lot like Golden Axe, except better in almost every way, do you really need the original?Or are you better off going with a different game that, while perhaps technically inferior, gives you a bit more variety?  The end result of this philosophy is that, with a few exceptions, we tend to only keep the best game from any given series.

Which brings us to Lethal Enforcers.At this point, it’s hard to justify keeping even one, let alone two, Lethal Enforcers games on the list anymore.And that means that it’s time to take a cold, hard look at the two games and figure out which one is better.

Since the two games are virtually identical in terms of gameplay, graphics, and sound, we ended up basing this decision almost solely on setting.And in that aspect, the original Lethal Enforcers is by far superior.Taking place in the gritty American cities of then-contemporary 1992, the whole game looks like a bad 80s hangover.  For those of you who don’t remember the pre-Clinton 90s, this is a pretty accurate representation of that time period.You got your bad guys in bad suits and cheap sunglasses, innocent civilians with big hair, and boxy looking getaway cars.This is complimented by the grainy digitized graphics, which nicely recreate the lower quality film standards seen in most late-80s straight-to-video action movies.It’s actually a pretty unique period in American history – those couple of years where we were technically living in the 90s, but hadn’t quite shaken off the stink of the previous decade yet.

Compared to this, the Wild West setting in Lethal Enforcers 2 just looks cliché.

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