Eliminations in Brief 1/14/09

Wednesday is trash day, and boy do we have some garbage to throw out this week:

Battletoads & Double Dragon – This monstrosity gives Battletoads a bad name, and I fucking hate Battletoads.

Batman – Wait, why are there ceiling mounted laser turrets in a chemical factory?

Cosmic Spacehead – Next time you plan on designing a point-and-click adventure game, you may want to stop and ask yourself – “Wait, does this console have a mouse?”

California Games – Dude, you totally got your 80s all over my Genesis game.

Tyrants: Fight Through Time – Tyrants: Fight Through Menus

Blaster Master 2 – Apparently a platforming game about a jumping tank wouldn’t have been crazy enough, so they decided to make it a jumping tank that can be hurt by dripping water.

King of the Monsters–I’m having a hard time trying to imagine how this game could get any worse…

King of the Monsters 2 –…but the fine people at Takara apparently have a much better imagination than I do.

Dragon’s Revenge – For reasons mankind may never fully comprehend, there were two dragon-themed pinball games made for the Genesis.Don’t ask me why.

Paperboy Nothing against Midway’s “Paper Route in Hell simulator”, but it originally came out way before the Genesis did, so we’re discouting it as a “true” Genesis game.

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