Strider 1 & 2

Brad:This is another one of those kind-of popular series that I just never really got into.The Strider games always seemed like they were full of cheap hits, annoying levels, and other frustrations.You could almost imagine some lead designer telling his team “Wait, you know that part where you’re jumping and can’t really dodge or change directions?Let’s put some enemies there.Wait, even better – let’s make it enemies that can’t be killed!”

And as a character Strider is kind of a watered-down composite of other Capcom heroes – he’s got the whole “can’t aim up or down” thing like Megaman, but can’t even shoot all the way across the screen, and he can grab onto walls like Bionic Commando, but doesn’t have the extend-o arm.He just kind of sucks at everything.

Stryker:A lot of people say they like these games because they are hard (the games, I mean), but is it “This game is well-made and challenging” hard, or is it “I keep getting hit because I just don’t care enough to actually try” hard?For me, it was the latter.

Mr. Do!: What’s up with the story?I love killing commies, but once the entire Soviet Parliament turned into a gigantic robotic hammer-and-sickle-wielding praying mantis, I kind of gave up trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.

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