This is a quote from the intro screen to Granada:

“Granada” – Nobody knows who named it.It is a hyper-cannon tank from which unit or country of origin is unknown.

Really?Nobody can figure out where a weapon named “Granada” came from?Nobody has the slightest clue?Not even a little hint?You change one letter of the name, and that’s all it takes to throw people off the track?If I had a tank named “Texis” would people be similarly confused to its origin?

Anyway, for those of you not real big on geography, here’s a map showing Grenada, the country.Unless of course, the name is actually refering to the city of Granada, in which case it could be from Spain or Nicaruaga.That must explain the problem.I mean, now there three possible leads, so there’s no way anybody would ever be able to track it down.

As far as the game is concerned, it’s nothing great, but that’s kind of what we expected after reading that intro screen.It’s sort of like Gaunlet with tanks, except the level designs aren’t nearly as good, and you end up doing a lot of wandering around looking for stuff to do.That happened a lot in Gauntlet also, but usually not at least until you had cleared out the stage and were trying to find the exit.In Granada, you spend a good portion of each level drifting along and trying to figure out how to just get to your enemies.

So long, Granada.Go back to whatever mystery place you came from.

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