10 More Gone!

Well, no theme this Wednesday – just another pile of crappy, yet unremarkable, games to eliminate.

Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble – That’s weird, I don’t remember thinking “What the hell’s going on?” this often while watching Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Taz: Escape from MarsTaz vs. Marvin the Martian in a battle for also-ran Looney Tunes character supremacy.

Animaniacs – At this point, you would think the law of averages would dictate that at least one of these Warner Bros. licenses would result in a good game.Apparently not.

Marsupilami – Protip:When creating your mascot character, try to come up with some more interesting defining characteristics than “Has a really, really long tail.”


Judge DreddIf only the game had done as much damage to the publisher as the movie did to Stallone’s career.

Powerball – It’s the same idea as Speedball 2, except that Speedball 2 is fun.

Grindstormer – Vertical shooter that makes use of the ever-popular “Cheap hits from behind you and weapons that make it impossible to see” combo.

Championship Pool – Just like real pool except that whenever I shoot, I have absolutely no idea where the ball is going to… no, wait actually that happens when I play real pool, too.

Double Dragon 3 – Somebody please explain to me how you can take a game about walking from left to right and beating up everyone you meet, and somehow turn it into something this confusing.

Atomic Robo-Kid – Gotta love having a jump button in a a game where you can fly anytime you want.

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