Shanghai 2

According to our crack research team (i.e. – Stryker’s quick search of the GameFAQs database), Shanghai 2 is actually the third game in this series, and is rightfully known as Shaghai 3 in Japan. So did they pull a Final Fantasy on us, numbering the games in the series differently in each country because some of the titles weren’t released in the US? Well, kinda… except that Shanghai 2 is actually the ONLY game from the series to be released stateside, so if that were the rationale, it would have made more sense to have just named it Shaghai. To recap – third in the series, first to be released in this country. Did they average out the numbers or something? They could have named the game Watermelon Honkers! and it would have just as much sense, but with the added bonus of being a lot more fun to say.

Sorry, Shanghai 2 – you were kind of fun, but if there’s one thing we demand from our puzzle games, it’s that their titles not be the most intellectually challenging aspect of the game.

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