Imagine a game that’s so bad that within seconds of playing it, we ran over to the computer to check GameFAQs to make sure that it was a real game, and not some unfinished demo that Stryker had somehow got his hands on.That’s exactly what happened with Gargoyles.And keep in mind how many really crappy Genesis games we’ve already played by now.Our expectations are already pretty low, and this game still made both of us look at each other and go, “Wait, this can’t be right.”


If there were any justice in this world, that would be the quote they put on the box.

It’s not that this is the worst game we’ve played so far, though it’s certainly in the bottom tier.Gargoyles just seems really incomplete – the levels are sparsely populated, the graphics aren’t all that detailed, and the controls could use a lot of refinement.Or a complete overhaul.  One cannot play Gargoyles without getting the distinct impression that it was still a work in progress.It looks like they were still figuring out what worked, where to put the enemies, and how to make the game a least a little bit interesting, and then right in the middle of this process, they realized that the Gargoyles cartoon it was based on was about to overtake Candlebox for the title of “Thing from 1994 that nobody will even remember in 3 months,” and decided to release the game in its half-unfinished state.

Take some short-lived fad, try to make a game about it, and then release it in incomplete form before the license becomes completely irrelevant.Thank God more companies didn’t adopt this strategy back then – the entire Genesis library could have ended up looking like an especially depressing VH1 notalgia-fest, with really half-assed games about POGs, Urge Overkill, and that cab driver on MTV who talked about his favorite videos.Man, I hated those ads.

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