Marble Madness

Brad: I think we should get rid of Marble Madness today.

Stryker: Are you crazy? Marble Madness is a classic.

Brad: Yeah, sure. That’s what everyone says, but has anyone ever gotten past the 4th level? Have you?

Stryker: Well, no… but…

Brad: Was it too hard? Or did get you just bored after a couple of tries?

Stryker: Well… I mean, I probably could have gotten past it with a little more practice, but… yeah, I got bored and started playing Madden.

Brad: Yeah, you, me and everyone else in the world. It’s time we stop blaming ourselves for our inability to stay interested in Marble Madness and start admitting that maybe it’s just really not as great as everyone says it is.

Stryker: And did you notice how many different ways there are to kill your marble? Acid, heavy objects, falling off the edges, vaccuums. The whole time I was playing, I kept thinking – why so much effort to destroy a marble? Who hates marbles that much? There should have been so kind of story to explain that.

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