Ten More Quickies!

Just think, without these Wednesdays where we eliminate 10 games in one post, this project would take about a year and a half!

Battletoads – Rereleasing Battletoads on the Genesis breaks the number one lesson we all should have learned from the NES days: Never, ever, make a game like Battletoads.

Demolition Man – There are about 100 games just like this on the Genny, but none of those other ones have the additional disadvantage of being based on the movie Demolition Man.

Onslaught – Well… at least it comes with a free poster.

Air Buster – Shooters don’t come much more average than this.

Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel – Hurry up and rescue Zero’s girlfriend so he can get back to his original mission – intentionally crashing his airplane into an American aircraft carrier.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms II – There’s just no way we can justify keeping not one, but two incomprehensible strategy games about ancient China on this list any longer.

Technoclash – I was disappointed when I found out this wasn’t some kind of combination of techno music and the movie Clash of the Titans, but on the plus side I just got an idea for the best song ever.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends – If you think that the understated, ironic humor of the original cartoon show wouldn’t really translate that well to a Genesis game, well – you’re right. But you’re also overlooking all of the many, many other things that ended up going wrong here.

Theme Park – Apparently the theme is “Terrible Genesis Game”.

X-Perts – Combines elements of bad action games with characters from the Eternal Champions universe to prove once and for all that two wrongs do not make a right.

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