Cool Spot

Brad: The first level reminded me of the first level of Super Star Wars, except with me playing as the 7-Up mascot instead of Luke Skywalker. That was pretty confusing. And I didn’t really understand the plot about the other 7-Up spots being kidnapped and locked in cages.

Stryker: I often use 7-Up as kind of a home remedy for an upset stomach. This game keeps making the screen jerk around in a way that gives me motion sickness, which I then have to drink 7-Up to cure. I fully expected a game based on the 7-Up mascot to basically just be a trick to get me to buy more of their soda, but I didn’t think they’d do it in quite such an underhanded way.

Mr. Do!: This game measures level progress by displaying your coolness as a percentage. After I died on the second level, the game informed me that I was only 28% cool. Fuck you, Cool Spot – the guys I watch WWE with think I’m cool.

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