Super Hydlide

Brad: You know, when I play a game, I don’t assume that what I’m seeing is supposed to represent every single moment of those character’s lives. I’m sure that when Mario isn’t stomping on turtles, he’s got that plumbing business to run; and most days the Streets of Rage guys probably walk down the street without beating the shit out of every single person they run into. Which is why I found the eating and sleeping requirements in Super Hydlide to be totally unnecessary. Look, this isn’t The Sims, where the day to day routine is the point of the whole game. I’m supposed to be on some kind of quest here – if you want to leave out the less exciting non-quest related parts, I’ll just assume they happened somewhere in between. Adding all that in doesn’t make it any more realistic, just more of a pain in the ass.

Stryker: It’s bad enough that I have to feed and rest this guy, but does he have to be such a snob about it, too? He’ll only rest at an Inn, and will only eat food bought at the store. If you’re really that tired, find some place to camp out, or a nice tree to sit under. And if you need to eat, shouldn’t you be able to forage for berries or something? Or eat some of the stuff you kill in combat? I mean, if you’re really starving to death, why not eat that guy that just attacked you? I’m just saying…

Brad: Yeah, if a game is going to include a food requirement for the sake of realism, then it had better be willing to take that realism all the way to the point of letting you eventually resort to cannibalism. That’s only logical.

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