Radical Rex

Making a game is a fairly complicated process with several steps involved.First, somebody has an idea for a game.And then that guy’s boss approves it.Then a team of programmers sits down and makes it, and (hopefully) a team of testers plays it.After that, it gets shipped off to a publisher to be marketed and mass produced.From there, it’s loaded onto trucks, and sent to stores, where its put onto shelves and people buy it.

What I’ve just given you is, of course, a simplified version of this process, but it should give you some idea of the many steps involved in the creation of a game, and the number of different people who are involved along the way.

The reason I bring it up is because Radical Rex is a game about a skateboarding T-Rex and his battle for survival against poetry-speaking mammals.Yet at no point did any of the many people involved in its creation stop and think – “Wait, this is insane.”

Radical Rex000

Who knows?Maybe the executives had too much faith in the guy who came up with the idea.Maybe the programmers who made it were afraid to question their bosses.And maybe the people in charge of purchasing inventory at the various stores that sold it didn’t pay real close attention to what they were ordering.And then maybe the customers… well no, if sales numbers are to be believed, it was the customers  who finally came through and put a stop to this madness.But it never should have gotten that far.Radical Rex is more than just a mediocre game based around a terrible premise – it’s proof of a complete systematic failure within the game industry.

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